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Keying Options

Interchangeable Operating Key

The operating key is the "daily usage" key. In an apartment application, the operating key can be changed for a residency transition. If a teach loses a classroom key, changing the operating key restores security immediately. Similarly, employee transitions are addressed - whether they be in an office setting or a retail environment. There are typically 6-20 unique key changes available per lock/cylinder, depending on the size of the total lock system. Operating keys are interchangeable; a lock initially set to key change 1, now set to key change 2, can be set to a new key change 3 or reset to key change 1.

Program-Lockdown Key

THe program key may be used to initiate or invalidate key changes. The program key also provides for a lockdown mode that can be used to disable operating keys for a lock or a group of locks. By way of example, a school entering summer season may wish to "button down" a non-used wing of classrooms. Disabling operating keys prevents teachers from having access, but the master key will remain operational for administrators and maintenance personnel. Operating keys are then re-enabled upon conclusion of the summer session.

Temporary Access (Vacant) Key

Locks can be set to a temporary key (optional) that provides access selectively for a finite period of time. Examples include contractors rehabbing apartments or, in the case of schools, visiting athletic teams. The temporary key may be set up for any number of locks; in the case of apartments, this key can be setup to provided access to all vacant units so that contractors have access with a single key, yet not be issued a master key.

Master Key

Lock systems may be master or non-master keyed. Grand master key systems are also available. The master key will operate all the locks in the system at all times irrespective of which operating key is in use or whether the lock(s) are in lockdown or temporary access mode. The master key may not be used to effect operating k ey changes.

Reset Tool

The reset tool is not a key, but rather an actuating device that is universal to all locks. The reset tool will not provide access or enable key changes without having the current operating key or program key for the lock. Hence, the loss of a reset tool will not compromise security.

Reserved Keyway & Key Control

SmartLOC offers reserved keyway lock cylinders and keys that prevent unauthorized duplication of keys, ensuring that you always have key control. Cut keys and key blanks are only available from SmartLOC authorized distributors. This is in contracst to "common keyway," whereby key blanks are widely available in the secondary market. This is an often overlooked security aspect - it makes little sense, for example, to install a new lock system yet have residents or employees duplicate keys at will.