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Rekeyable Cylinders

Save Time and Money

Changing keys has never been this fast, easy, or cost-efficient. With SmartLoc rekeyable lock cylinders, you are in complete control of your own security. Change keys in seconds, at the door, without paying a locksmith or tying up the valuable time of maintenance personnel. In fact, you don't even have to remove the lock. Our patented technology allows you to reset your lock to match a new key effortlessly. With up to 15 unique key changes per lock, it's like having 15 locks for the price of one.

Features and Benefits

  • Change keys in seconds
  • Masterkeying available
  • Up to 15 key changes per cylinder
  • Changeable masterkey; will not affect user keys
  • Compatible with most commercial locksets


Change the Key, Not the Lock

Increase Security and Key Control

Restore security immediately when issues arise. Invalidate lost, stolen, or unreturned keys on the spot. Provide temporary access to selected areas without breaching overall security. Prevent unauthorized key duplication.

Perfect For:

  • Lost, stolen or unreturned keys
  • Employee transitions
  • Tenant turnover
  • Increased security
  • Safety and peace of mind


Commercial Grade Cylinders for Commercial Grade Security

SmartLoc cylinders are made with exacting specifications and the highest quality; they are drilled 7 pin and precision manufactured from solid brass. Compatible with most commercial grade locksets (KIK is Schlage 6 pin format), they feature advanced patented technology allowing for up to 15 unique key changes per cylinder. Cylinders are available as 0-bitted, keyed-alike (KA), keyed-different (KD), and factory master-keyed.


System Key Capabilities

  • Operating/User Key: Used for normal lock operation; new keys for lock changes can be used in any sequence, and can also be recycled
  • Program Key (optional): Resets the lock, provides lock out capabilities
  • Master Key (optional): Operates all locks within system
  • Changeable Master Key (optional): Provides ability to change master key without affecting any user keys under it
  • Temporary Key/Vacant Key: Provides temporary access until key is "canceled" and locked-out
  • Reset Tool: Insert into slot button to execute key change. Can only be used with current operating key or program key


System Capacity

How It Works

4 Easy Steps to Increased
Security & Convenience

STEP 1      

Insert operating key and turn clockwise until slot button is positioned at 12 o'clock.

STEP 2      

Fully insert reset tool into slot button.

STEP 3      

Remove reset tool, return key to starting position by turning 90 degrees counter-clockwise and remove key.

STEP 4      

Insert new key, turn 90 degrees clockwise until slot button is positioned at 12 o'clock and push button until it clicks.

Commercial Grade Cylinders


Machined from solid brass bar stock
6 pin format, drilled 7 pin
Grade 1 & 2 Knob, Lever, and Deadbolt
Locksets (examples include Arrow D, E, F and K Series and Schlage B100, B200, B400 and H Series)
Screw Down Cap
26D Standard Finish; other finishes available by special order.


Machined from solid brass bar stock
Drilled 7 pin
1 1/4" length
16 cams avilable; Ships with Standard cam unless otherwise requested
26D Standard Finish: other finishes available by special order.


Machined from solid brass bar stock
Drilled 7 pin
Ideal for use on 1 3/8" (35mm) to 2 1/4" (57mm) door thicknesses
26D Standard Finish: other finishes available by special order.